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Aprons and Tote bags

It is made of KIYA original cloth in collaboration with SHIMA-SHIMA bland complied under the supervision of fabric-dyeing artist Noriko Tsuiki who restored KOKURA fabric.

KOKURA fabric uses quality cotton thread which is dyed before weaving.
It has a higher thread density because of many warps so the fabric is thick and durable. The more it uses, the more it becomes textures like tanned leather. The Shogun Iyeyasu Tokugawa, when he went falconry, used KOKURA fabric as a Japanese half-length coat habitually. Samurais such as Ryuma Sakamoto also used it habitually. However, the production in Kokura(a town of Kyushu district) was stopped around 1930.
Noriko Tsuiki reproduced KOKURA fabric in 1984 by trial and error.

The thread twisted combining two kinds of colored-thread we call it ‘Marbled thread’. We twisted black thread and Dark indigo blue one, so we could express the deep color though it is solid color. It is associated with a historical KIYA’s shop-curtain colored dark blue.