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How to Use a Copper Rolled Egg Baking Pan

[Before its first use.]
Please wash the new pan well with detergent. After that, dry the pan perfectly. When your pan gets dry, put oil inside it around 50~ 70 percent full. Please boil the pan for several minutes using low heat, until the oil adapts itself to the pan. Since impurities come floating, please be sure to throw away the oil after it finished boiling.

[Making rolled egg]
Please warm up the pan using low heat from the beginning to the end.
Please put oil again, and add the egg into the pan and then roll it.

[After using]
Pease don’t wash the inside part with detergent, because it takes the oil away.
Please wash it with water or lukewarm water with a sponge.
After that, wipe it well using some kitchen paper.

If you warm up the pan over high heat or you don’t use enough oil, the egg might get burnt.

This Copper pan can’t be used with induction heating.