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How to use Aluminum pan

[Before using]
Since aluminum gets discolored, I will introduce a procedure to prevent the discoloration

1. Please wash it with water before using.
2. Put water that has been used to wash the rice in a pan, (or put waste of vegetables and water in the pan), and boil it about 10minutes.
3. Throw away the water in the pan, and wash it only with water and a soft sponge, and dry it.

[If your pan became dark…]
It is no harm to the human body, so you can use it, and I will tell you how to clean the discoloration.

1. Put lemon and water in the pan, and boil it about 15minutes. Add one lemon slice per one liter of water.
2. If it is still not completely cleaned, at that time, please clean it with the cleanser or steel wool.

This Aluminum pan can’t be used with induction heating.